Handy Brand Ring Knife 4 Pack

Handy Brand Ring Knife 4 Pack
Item# ASOTVP13370

Order includes 2 original and 2 Ultra Gold

The Handy® Brand Ring Knife is the ultimate utility knife, hands down.

The Original Ring Knife has been continually produced in its current design since the late 1800's and with the same materials used today since the end of WWII. The band is made of aluminum, the steel blade is hardened by heat treating, and the rivets are nickel-plated brass. Our consistent dedication to quality ensures that today's knife is of the same quality as the one purchased decades ago. Yes, it is still made entirely in America, with American materials and American labor. We think this is important. The blades that go into every HANDY knife have a sharp edge.

Ideal for: 

  • Sportsmen – hunters, boaters, fishermen, campers all find the Handy Brand Ring Knife useful for their outdoor activities. These are a must for every tackle box, bug out bag and gear bag!
  • Gardeners use their Handy® to tie vines to arbor or trellis, open a bag of mulch, cut ground cloth, installing drip line around plants, hydroponics, harvesting, pruning, cutting fresh flowers, loosening root balls and much more…
  • The do-it-yourselfer uses his ring knife to strip electrical wires, repair a screen door, opening bags of water softener salt, cutting weed whacker line, hose repair, restringing a hammock or patio umbrella, the list goes on and on…
  • Crafters use the Ring Knife to cut yarn, tape or string, even lite gauge wire for dried floral arraigning or wreath making, cutting a model car/plane from its frame, quilters and seamstresses always have a cutting edge ‘handy’ when they wear their ring knife!

 The Original Ring Knife is truly a gem for craft, hobby, studio and shop uses.

Introducing the ULTRA GOLD® line of Handy Ring Knives!

Our newest offering is a Titanium nitride coated blade that we call ULTRA GOLD®. Titanium nitride (TiN) is an extremely hard ceramic material, applied as a thin coating on steel and other materials to improve the surface properties. TiN has an excellent combination of performance properties and safety. It's so safe that it meets FDA requirements for surgical tools and implants as well as being USDA approved for food contact. TiN is a coating that won't chip, peel or flake. It is self-lubricating/non stick, wear resistant as well as chemical and corrosion resistant. Further, it has a surface that is harder than tungsten carbide, and it has the appearance of bright polished gold - thus ULTRA GOLD®.