Explanar Golf Training System

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The Best Golf Training System In The World...

Introducing the Explanar Golf Training System,  a revolutionary golf training system that is based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body, promoting the ideal movements required for the golf swing. The Explanar turns golf swing theory into feelings, allowing the golfer to focus on executing the shot more effectively.


What are the Benefits of the Explanar Golf Training System?

                More Power for greater distance        Improved accuracy
                Strengthen golf specific muscles       Lower scores
                More consistent performance            Teaches fade, high & low shots


(PRO System shown here)

Explanar Golf Training System is improving the way golf is taught and learned.  It is the professionals choice for swing development and improvement. 

Butch Harmon, world renowned golf coach, uses the Explanar-
"I don't get paid one cent.  This is the best training system I've seen in 40 years as a teacher and the bottom line is that it works.  And if something works, why wouldn't you have it?"

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The Explanar Golf Training System is perfect for everyone, including beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers.  Even Tour Professionals can benefit from the Explanar Golf Training System's effects.

When you are finished using the Explanar for the day-  

Simply fold...                   

and roll away




Notice how the innovative design allows for easy storage.

Watch as Butch Harmon-Golf Digest No 1 Instructor talks about the benefits of Explanar as a teaching tool and how every golfer can improve their game with dramatic and instant results.

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The included 75 minute Instructional DVD is the most comprehensive and simple communication of the golf swing that you will EVER receive!