Ear Visors - 3 pairs per pack

Ear Visors - 3 pairs per pack
Item# ASOTV12091

Blue is no longer available

Sunburned ears can now be a thing of the past.  Ear Visors are a lightweight 'visor'  designed to keep your ears safe from the sun's harmful UV rays.  Fashionable and comfortable, Ear Visors can also be trimmed for a more personalized fit. Available in Blue, Black or Pink. Ear Visors come 3 pairs to a pack.

  • Patent pending
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Made in the USA
  • Endorsed by professional fishermen
  • Cushions eyeglass frames for a more comfortable fit
  • Helps hearing by channeling sound to ears (user opinion)
  • Adds flotation to glasses
  • Great gift idea
  • Once size works with almost all glasses
  • Quick and simple to attach
  • Ideal for fisherman, landscapers, construction workers, police force, military, golfers, tennis players, joggers, hikers, men, women & children, anyone who spends time outdoors

Skin Cancer is on the rise and your ears are considered a high risk area thanks to their constant exposure to the sun.

Ear Visors offer you the most convenient and most affordable ear protection!