Decantus Wine Aerator

Item# HSG9358

A unique, by the glass wine decanting system

Designed and developed for the sophisticated wine imbiber.

"For connoisseurs and novices alike, Decantus provides instant gratification through an effortless process that is as simple as pouring a glass of wine"
 - Stephan Asprinio, "Top Chef" Star and Sommelier

Improvements Over Other Wine Decanters

  • More aeration of wine (extra long capillary tubes)

  • Tubes at an angle, so no wine drips from the tubes.

  • Bigger opening at the top allows for easier pouring.

  • Wine flows down faster because of a vertical planar insert (eliminates whirl pooling).

  • Easy to hold. Side handles on the DECANTUS™ Deluxe and a good “under rim” grip with the DECANTUS™ Slim.

  • A sturdy upright position on the table with the large rubber base.

  • Base itself has a large capacity to hold wine drippings. 

  • Cleaning brush for cleaning the lower tube included.

  • No defects or fold lines on the surfaces of DECANTUS™.

  • Elegant appearance reminiscent of the amphora shape used by the Greeks and Romans to store their wines.

  • The Decantus Wine Aerator was specifically designed to aerate wine only.

Do not use with whiskey, scotch, rum, brandy or other beverages with high alcohol content

Just wanted to let you know that we had an aerator challenge here at Brandywine Cellars. Decantus won by a landslide against competitors Vinturi and Respirer The Decantus sold like Hotcakes! Great Product!
– Joyce Finn, Brandy Wine Cellars, North Carolina

Decantus Wine Aerator Deluxe
Decantus Wine Aerator Deluxe
Includes: Base,velvet storage pouch & cleaning brush
Decantus Connoisseur 6 piece set
Decantus Connoisseur 6 piece set
Includes: Base, velvet storage pouch, cleaning brush, Sediment screen and table stand