Brew & Save

Brew & Save
Item# ASOTVbs

Save money by grinding your own coffee & using the Brew & Save reusable filter!

Buying K-Cup® packs and then throwing them away afterwards is expensive and creates waste. Filling your own favorite coffee in the Brew & Save not only saves the pod packaging waste, but the packaging the K-Cup® pods often come in. The Brew & Save will last years when properly cared for. 

Brewing is Simple, Just Follow These 3 Easy Steps -

Brew & Save Compatible Brewers

       Keurig® Line

B30 Mini No
B31 Mini Plus Yes
B40 Elite Yes
B44 Classic Yes
B50 Yes
B60 Special Edition Yes
B66 Ultimate Yes
B70 Platinum Yes
B77 Select Ultra Yes
B79 Platinum Plus Yes
B100 Yes
B130 No
B135 Yes
B140 Yes
B145 Yes
B150 No
B155 No
B200 Yes
B1000 Yes
B3000 No

       Cuisinart® Line

SS-700 Yes
SS-780PC Yes

       Breville® Line

BKC 600XL Yes
BKC 700XL Yes

       Mr. Coffee® Line