30 day - TestME Kit

30 day - TestME Kit
Item# ASOTVP13389


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TestME™ Balance Kits is a color intensity test that specifically measures the level of “damage” occurring in the body when there is an insufficient level of antioxidants or "defenses" present.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction which occurs naturally and can be observed directly in everyday life. For example… when you bite into an apple…. let it sit exposed to air … it slowly turns brown. That's brought on by oxidation!

This outcome, the darkening of fruit, are not so different than what happens inside of our bodies when there is an imbalance between our defense system, aka "Antioxidants" and the attackers …" Free Radicals". Free radicals are reactive molecules and can be thought of in two categories; good and bad.

The excess of Free Radicals may result from environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors and the damage occurs when the body’s defense system which includes antioxidant reserves is insufficient. Oxidative Stress is widely studied in humans and has been linked with ageing and serious medical conditions including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


TestME™ Balance is a simple urine test that detects for levels of a by-product of oxidized fat cells in the body named MDA (malondialdehyde). The test is performed by mixing a small amount of urine with a reagent contained in a sealed vial.

When combined, the reagent contained in the vial reacts with the urine sample to produce color. Results are obtained by visually comparing the color of the reacted vial against a standardized reference chart. A high level of MDA will be identified by a dark red color whereas a low level of MDA is identified by a faint pink color.