Item# ASOTVtechsling
Diamond Ripstop Color:  Magnatuff Color: 

shades differ by monitor



We depend on those marvelous little pieces of technology to link us to everything—work, family, resources, entertainment. It's literally the world at our fingertips. What about when you're not using it? Do you just set it down... wherever?

Sure you're going to rule the world, but first you have to find your iPad®, your phone and all your stuff!

Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or just treading water, the revolutionary new TechSling technology holster lets you work hands-free with immediate access to your iPad® and smart phone.

It also reduces the risk of iPad® loss or theft because it keeps your gadgets safe, secure and close by.

Technical Specifications:

Left side: iPad® pocket
Right side: Top pocket with snap holds an iPhone®; Lower pocket with a 7-inch zipper includes two places to hold pens and similar items;
An open pocket holds accessories, wallet, extra battery, cords, etc.

  • Convenient, enabling easy, hands-free work
  • Immediate iPad® access and concurrent storage
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Geek chic styling
  • Washable, hang to dry

10 3/4 in X 6 1/2 in.

Material Specs:

  • Stiffener: made of Polyester
  • Strap Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Strap Connector Material: Nylon
  • Elastic on back of Harness: 60% Polyester, 20% Latex, 10% Lycra
  • Galluses and 3 Bar Slides: Polyacetal
  • Snaps, Buckles, etc.: Nylon, metal snap
  • Zipper: Water-resistant  

The TechSling is ideal for business people, pilots, sales force, teachers and those on the go. The TechSling is for anyone and everyone. From Doctors to Geeks, Professionals to students alike, we all can benefit from having our world right there at our fingertips.