SystemSuite™ 7 Professional

SystemSuite™ 7 Professional
Item# HSG6704

SystemSuite™ Professional 7

All-in-One Suite for PC Maintenance, Security and  Protection!

SystemSuite Professional 7 is an award-winning comprehensive collection of essential PC utilities designed to maintain and protect your PC to keep it running just like the day you bought it.

Dramatically Improve System Performance
Protect your System
iagnose Computer Problems
Recover Lost Data


Multiple Utility Products - One Easy-to-Use Interface


SystemSuite Professional 7 is a combination of powerful utility packages that work and act like one comprehensive software program.  It is a one stop shop for all your PC maintenance and performance needs. You can also check the status of your system with our QuickStatus screen.




SystemSuite Professional 7 features:
Startup Manager & Optimizer - New! - Identifies and lets you remove start up programs that slow down and may even harm your system.

3 User License – New! - Install SystemSuite on up to 3 PCs in your home for one low price

Virus Scanner Pro- Improved! - Up to the minute virus protection updates. Active real-time monitoring. New clean-up tool for quick and easy removal of detected viruses.

VCOM Anti-Spyware -
Scans and detects the latest in Spyware.  Review the status of Spyware and Greyware items and have it cleanly removed from your system.

SMARTDiskCheck - Hard disk failure early warning system notifies you when your SMART-compatible hard drive is having trouble, before you data is toast.

NetDefense™ Firewall- NEW! - advanced personal firewall that protects your PC from hackers and other malicious intruders.

PCDiagnostics™ - checks and reports on your installed system hardware including memory, hard drives, USB, network, video and soundcards, DVD drives and more! Pinpoints and identifies possible causes of trouble.

SystemExplorer™ - scans your system and provided a list of system statistics

SystemMonitors - keep an eye on your system resources and warns you when monitored resources reach critical levels

Included FREE -
PowerDesk -
award-winnings file manager! Completely replaces Windows® Explorer, giving users a wide array of tools to search, edit, delete, move, sort, view and copy files.

System Requirements
Pentium or better
Windows 2000/XP, Microsoft Vista
32 MB RAM, 64 MB recommended
20-90 MB free disk space
VGA graphics
Internet Explorer 5.01 or later for some features
USB Tests and related USB features for 2000 and XP only.

SystemSuite Professional 7 is the only utility you’ll ever need
for your day-to-day PC maintenance