Skisox Eco & Skisox West

Skisox Eco & Skisox West
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$20.00 for Skisox Eco, designed to fit Kidís skis and Adult sizes up to 129mm wide

$25.00 for Skisox Eco West, designed to fit skis 130mm wide or wider.

All Skisox are designed to hold skis together while keeping two layers of material between the sharp edges and the delicate bases.  Skisox will hold your skis securely for carrying and allow you to hang them for storage and protection. Our Eco line is created using recycled plastics. 

Skisox Eco comes in three colors:
Light Blue - created from recycled water bottles
Light Green - created from recycled soda bottles
Light Brown - created from recycled beer bottles

Skisox Eco is also lined with Coolmax, a moisture-wicking material that will help to protect your skis from rust.  They are machine washable, tumble dry low.

Skisox Eco West is our wider design specifically for skis 130mm wide or wider.  All the same great characteristics as Skisox Eco

Protects bases and edges, preserves waxings and tune-ups, wicks moisture and holds securely for storage.

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