Sidesaddle Putter
Item# PPN-5947
Measurement 1 - Armpit to Knuckles:  Measurement 2 - Armpit to Floor: 

Golf better than you ever have in your life!
Lower your score fast with this NEW putter... designed to help eliminate 3-putt greens virtually overnight!

Putting accounts for more than 40% of the total strokes in a round of golf. So it makes perfect sense that the fastest way to lower your score is to lower the number of putts per round. That's why you see new styles of putters on the PGA. Read how using the sidesaddle putter by Masterpiece Custom Golf can drastically lower your score.

"Direction and distance are the two most important factors for accurate putting. The Sidesaddle Putter by Masterpieec Custom Golf helps you master both, giving you greater confidence every time you're on the green." John Bermel, Class A-1 PGA Professional, Head Golf Coach, University of Northern Iowa

Why putting with our sidesaddle putter can turn your game around fast!
Here are reasons why straight-on sidesaddle putting results in more consistent strokes:
  • You can attain perfect alignment of the putter head to the cup by facing the intended line of the putt.
  • You’ll experience greatly improved distance control with the improved depth perception you get from “binocular vision” – a result of looking straight on.
  • You’ll gain greater consistency because the stroke is actually controlled with one arm. When using both hands, pulls and pushes are common.
  • It’s easier to maintain the correct putter face angle for more accurate strokes because the stroking arm is positioned much lower on the shaft.
  • Unlike all other methods of putting, you don’t need to concern yourself with trying to keep the shoulders, forearms, hips and knees aligned with the intended target line.
  • It’s no wonder a growing number of top golfers are putting with a straight-forward style of stroke.

  • Our sidesaddle putter is custom-fit so you can play your best!
    Putting is not a one-size-fits-all game – so your sidesaddle putter will be sized to the optimum length for YOU. That's why we ask you for two important measurements when you place your order. Below are instructions for how to measure.

    1. Round up a tape measure and another person to do the measuring.
    2. Stand erect on a hard surface with shoes on. Let your arms hang naturally.
    3. Measure the distance (inches) from your RIGHT armpit to the top knuckles (closest to the wrist). Enter it below.
    4. Measure the distance from your right armpit to the floor. Enter it below.

    Now that you know your measurements, you are ready to place your order.

    Take your golfing to a whole new level - with the custom
    Sidesaddle Putter from Masterpiece Custom Golf!
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