Rejuvé 3 Hair & Scalp Care System - 16oz

Rejuvé 3 Hair & Scalp Care System - 16oz
Rejuvé 3 Hair & Scalp Care System - 16oz
Item# HSG7324

Step 1 - Renewing  Scalp Cleanser
A soapless, non-irritating pre-shampoo cleanser for the removal of sebaceous debris to stimulate weak hair shaft and scalp. Utilized by hair clinics and hair
care professionals for decades, this advanced formula gently removes hair
follicle-blocking sebum that can slow growth and even cause premature hair loss. Alleviates dandruff and scalp itch. Leaves scalp feeling fresh and tingly-clean.

  Step 2 - Repairing Shampoo

A rich, high-lathering formula to revitalize stressed hair and scalp. Enhanced with Panthenol and essential oils,
Rejuvé 3 nourishes scalp and hair roots to stimulate hair growth and remove pore-clogging impurities. Provides dandruff control,
anti-breakage, and long-lasting moisture to protect your hair from harsh
elemental factors.


Step 3 - Revitalizing Conditioner

An advanced formula that moisturizes and restores the look of health to hair. Natural soya sterols, ProVitamin B5, and protein penetrate deep into hair shaft, treating damaged areas and adding luster, body and overall manageability