Item# HSG8788
The RAC: 

Prevent theft of your valuable equipment with the ultimate anti-theft device.

The RAC provides you with a secure way to store your tools, equipment, machinery and even firearms. 

  • Millions are lost each year at construction sites

  • Safe transport of property in your vehicle

  • Reduces the risk of losing your personal property to petty theft

  • Reduce insurance premiums

The RAC is not only great for tools but it can be a lifesaver, literally.  Use to keep all your firearms safe and prevent a possible deadly accident.

  • Stop firearms from getting in the wrong hand
  • Help prevent deaths and accidental shootings of children by children


Have Peace of Mind with your firearm storage.

Once securely mounted and locked, The RAC is inaccessible to anyone without a key. The RAC is also highly effective,  and extremely versatile. It has a hidden tamper-resistant mounting system that enable the RAC to be mounted in numerous places including:

  • Stud in wall

  • Floor

  • Structural Foundation

  • Fire Wall

  • Trunk of Vehicle

  • Under Seating

  • Center Console

  • Cargo Area

  • Accessory Box

The RAC is easy to use, with virtually no assembly required.

Keep your family safe, while keeping your tools and
firearms secure