Kombo Fish Tool

Item# ASOTVkombo

The Kombo ToolTM is a fish "bonker", a filet knife, a scooper and a sharpener, all in one easy-to-use tool. It is highly visible, durable....and it floats too!

Does the Dirty Work for You!

The Kombo Fish Tool works to effectively handle the sometimes difficult-but-always-necessary task of killing your catch.

  • Strong sturdy construction
  • Right tool at the right time
  • Enables Kombo to float


It's a Scooper!

No need to lug along a separate tool to clean your fish. At the base of the tool gives you a scooper, built right into the product.

  • Handy scooper
  • Made from durable plastic



It Cuts!

Alloy-based 7-inch, 403 Stainless Steel blade is the only knife you need on your fishing trip. This blade ensures a clean cut every time.

  • Made from general purpose heat treatable chromium steel
  • Manufactured for excellence



It Sharpens!

Never again know the frustration of having a dull knife. The Kombo features a sharpener built right into the tool.

  • White Corundum Sharpening System
  • Convenient and easy to use