The Adventures of Kid Combat

Item# HSG8226


Be prepared for anything as you to enter the exciting world of Kid Combat the unique set of tales by Christopher A. Helwink.

There is an evil in the small town of Elmcrest. One that is far greater than its people want to believe. His name, Phillip Arthur Jones.

The only thing in Jones's way of total domination is a young boy named Kid Combat. Together with his small band of friends, Kid Combat tries to rid Elmcrest of their greatest evil and restore balance to the town.



The Adventures of Kid Combat is great book for kids of all ages, as they relate to the characters and story lines.  Parents and teachers will love it too, there is no violence and no bad language, just good intriguing storytelling! Lesson plans are also available.

You can also check out the interactive website The Adventures of Kid Combat. It's filled with more in-depth bios, additional characters and cool merchandise.

Meet The Characters: