Fog Thief

Fog Thief
Item# ASOTVP13165

Clear Vision When You Need It Most

Fog Thief was designed to improve your overall viewing while engaged in any and all sports activities, which require you to wear a helmet. . Fog Thief is an innovative and revolutionary device that effectively diverts moisture away from your helmet, therefore improving your vision on a full-time basis.

A great side benefit to using the Fog Thief is your teeth will also be protected from extreme temperatures and biting your lip and/or tongue if you encounter a crisis situation.

  • Durable yet pliable to your mouth and teeth

  • Directs breath down and safely away from visor area

  • Chemical free and environmentally friendly materials

  • Guaranteed to prevent fog and moisture so you can safely see during activities

  • Fits within most all helmets comfortably and unnoticeably
    and is light weight


  • Protects teeth, conforms with comfortable form fitting mouth guard (scuba grade)

  • Protects lips from wind and cold and prevents chapped lips

  • Allows you to breath normally during use and remove when you’re not in use

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Patented and Made in USA


Fog Thief Applications Include: All helmet-based sports... Motor cycle...snowmobile...street bike riders... Professionals within clean room environments...ATV...UTV... dirt bike riders...Drag race drivers... sky divers...Addition to iron and spot welders face guard...Football & hockey players with front plastic shield...Great for paintball activities...Hunters – prevents your scope from fogging up.