Eyedentity Label

Item# HSG8309

Be Proactive. 
Empower Yourself and
Your Loved Ones with the Eyedentity Label.

One minute your child is by your side and the next they are nowhere to be found. It is quite possibly the scariest moment you've ever experienced.

Eyedentity Label
can give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

Some Alzheimer's patients have a tendency to wander, trying to locate them can be difficult, and once found, that patient may not know his/her own name, or even where they live.

Eyedentity Label can ensure that all the proper information is with that person at all times. 

  Eyedentity Label is an easy application temporary tattoo that is custom made to protect children, the mentally impaired, senior citizens or anyone who may require assistance with recall on emergency data.  Depending on where and how they are used, the Eyedentity Label can last anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Eyedentity Label is great for children or impaired adults when traveling abroad where English is not the first spoken language.  Healthcare workers have also found Eyedentity Label to be especially helpful for the Alzheimer's community, children living with non-speaking Autism and for individuals with serious food allergies.

Use the Eyedentity Label for:
  • Extreme medical needs
    • food allergies, such as to wheat, nuts or dairy
    • medical allergies, such as to Penicillin & Sulfa drugs
    • seizure sufferers or epileptics requiring medication
    • individuals requiring use of an Epipen
    • non-speaking diabetics prone to low blood sugar & insulin shock
  • Vacation travel

  • Individuals with acute Alzheimer's, Autism & Down Syndrome

  • Theme park trips

  • Crowded Sporting events

  • School trips

  • Camp trips

  • Hurricane and extreme weather displacement

  • Any other situation where you need tools of support

Also great for hectic Thanksgiving travel, wonderful tool of support from grandparents or a priceless gift for birthdays and holidays!

Eyedentity Label 1 Pack
Eyedentity Label 2 Pack