Hercules ePlug 200

Hercules ePlug 200
Item# HSG9074

New Device Allows You To Create A Wireless Network Without A Wireless Router!

  The new Homeplug powerline communication solutions range by Hercules enables you to connect computers, modems, internet boxes, game consoles, and more using your home’s electrical network. Every outlet in your home is a potential connection point!

Now you can share an internet connection or broadband TV throughout your home without the need for expensive wireless adaptors.

Extremely Easy
Connect it and its ready to operate. 2 powerline communication adaptors are included in the Duo model box to get you started instantly. No CD required!

Broadband Speed
The 200 Mbps bandwidth enables you to broadcast multimedia files and internet data simultaneously. No more waiting!

Power Savings
The adaptor powers down when not in use. This can add up to a 50% power savings!

Your powerline communication kit is preconfigured for your safety with a connection as stable and secure as any wired network. Your data will never leave your home like on traditional wireless networks.

Easy Pairing
Addition Hercules ePlug adaptors (or compatible devices) are paired by simply pushing a button.


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Hercules ePlug™ 200MB Single

Hercules ePlug™ 200MB Duo

Hercules ePlug 200 Duo
Hercules ePlug 200 Duo
Hercules ePlug 200 Single
Hercules ePlug 200 Single