Coesam Rose Hip Oil Beauty Treatment Gift Pack

Coesam Rose Hip Oil Beauty Treatment Gift Pack
Coesam Rose Hip Oil Beauty Treatment Gift Pack
Item# HSG-9704

Natural Revitalization. Rose Hip Oil is the Key.

Modern Cosmetics goes hand in hand with nature - and the results are unparalleled! Rose Hip Oil, known as the "natural skin regenerator", offers distinct beneficial advantages in the treatment of U.V. damaged, scarred, wrinkled, dry and prematurely aged skin and promotes superior rejuvenation of skin tissue that has been burned or exposed to radiotherapy.

Now you can experience the incredible healing benefits of Rose Hip Oil with the Coesam Rose Hip Oil Beauty Treatment Gift Pack.

Each Gift Pack includes:
  • Coesam Rose Hip Oil - Three Dispenser Bottles
  • One Cleansing Cream with Rose Hip Emulsion
  • One Hydrating Cream with Rose Hips
  • One Intensive Care Cream for Neck and Face with Rose Hips
  • One Peeling Rosehip Soap
  • One Creamy Soap with Rose Hip Oil

  • Purchase these incredible skin care items seperately and you'll pay well over $130 - but order here and get them all for much, much less!

    Coesam Rose Hip Oil - The Revitalizant Rose Hip Oil is 100% pure and natural, with a high concentration of poliinsaturated fatty acids, betacaratone and trans-retinoic acid, supplemented with Vitamin A & E that will give a healthy look to your skin. It reduces wrinkles, expression lines, moistens the skin and eliminates spots caused by sun and age.

    Cleansing Cream with Rose Hip Emulsion, Hydrating Cream with Rose Hips, Intensive Care Cream for Neck and Face with Rose Hips - This family of products is composed of three deep action creams for the care of the needs of the skin - presented in handy tubes that allow for use anywhere! It's deep action is due to the incorporation of new components like Purcelin Oil, Squalane, Panthenol, Collagen & Alpha-Hydroxyacids that acting together with the Natural Rose Hip Oil produce the hydration, nourishing and deep cleaning that skin requires.

    Peeling Rose Hip Soap - Provides a deep cleaning and removes all impurity of the skin. It produces an exfoliation process that removes the dead cells, keeping control of the greasiness of the skin.

    Creamy Soap with Rose Hip Oil - Modern formula that cleans and moistens your skin, thanks to its high content of Vitamin C and Rose Hip Oil. Keeps your skin healthy and flexible providing a soft and vital appearance.

    Rose Hip Oil
  • Improves general quality of the skin
  • Helps promote accelerated healing of serious burns
  • Excellent in treating dermatological problems following radiotherapy, darkening of the skin and dermatitis.
  • Helps in scar healing and sun skin care.
  • Helps reverse ageing of the skin due to U.V. radiation damage.
  • Helps in healing skin grafts, brown spots and deep lines associated with dry, prematurely aged skin.
  • Helps smooth out winkles and the problem of "crows feet" around mouth and eyes.
  • 80% fatty acids content contribute to damaged tissue repair and skin cell regeneration.

  • Care for your skin with all of the benefits of Rose Hip! Order the Coesam Rose Hip Oil Beauty Treatment Gift Pack today!