Cargo Constrictor

Cargo Constrictor
Item# asotvphitt


The Cargo Constrictor is a No Ratchet Tie Down. No more messing around with hard to use ratchet straps. No more wasted time trying to figure out how to release your load. Simply attach the hooks to secure mounts on your truck or trailer and pull tight… that's it! To release, just pull the rope in the other direction through the patented constrictor cinch.


  • Available in 4ft.,10ft., 14ft. lengths
  • No Ratchet Tie-down
  • No Clamps needed
  • Rubber coated metal hooks
  • Easy to tighten
  • Easy to loosen
  • 666lb load limit
  • 2000 lb break strength
  • Convenient to store

The Cargo Constrictor takes tie down technology to the next generation.  Ideal for us to transport your cargo, on the boat, in trunk of the car, in the garage or around the house.