Burn Cream MD™ by Healing Skin - Out of Stock

Burn Cream MD™ by Healing Skin - Out of Stock
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Even Professional Chefs Burn Themselves!

Burn Cream MD™ was tested for 2 years in both Chef Emeril Lagasse's and Chef Mario Batali's kitchens.

“I was pleasantly surprised how well Burn Cream MD worked for me and for my staff. Not only did it absorb quickly leaving a clean feel, it reduced the sting of my serious burns effectively. I am happy to have found a terrific solution to this frequent hazard for chefs.”
- Chef Emeril Lagasse

“I’m impressed with Burn Cream MD by Healing Skin. After applying this cream to a recent burn, the pain was immediately dulled. The wound healed quickly and the night ended seamlessly. I would definitely recommend Burn Cream MD to my chefs, my friends and my family.”
- Chef Mario Batali


with Burn Cream MD™.

The Burn Cream MDStory
Dr. Diane Madfes, a board certified dermatologist, worked in her family’s restaurant while attending medical school. During this time Diane witnessed a lot of burns in the kitchen. Struck by her early years in the restaurant, Diane felt compelled to learn more about wound healing and the treatment of scars through clinical research.

Dr. Madfes spent years researching and developing a product to effectively treat burns and minimize scars. Ultimately, she created Burn Cream MD™, a product that acts fast to provide burn relief, speed up wound healing, and minimize scarring.

How Burn Cream MD™Works
  • Clinically proven formula contains effective healing ingredients:
    - Vitamin E
    - Arnica Montana flower extract
    - Chamomile flower extract
    - Aloe
  • Instant relief in a soothing to apply, quick absorbing cream.
  • Dispensed in an easy to use pump bottle.

Burns Happen
Whether working in the house, the garage, a professional kitchen or your own kitchen, it's important to always be prepared.  
Burn Cream MD™ is the perfect tool to have on hand for minor burns, when quick relief is needed.  A patented blend of soothing analgesics is combined with healthy moisturization to deliver immediate relief at the pain, while speeding healing and promoting less scarring.