THE AVOLOOP  3 Piece Set
Item# ASOTVP13140

The Avoloop, is made of a sleek , tempered stainless steel wire and a wooden handle, the latter inspired by the avocado seed. The handle is made out of birch wood and is hand-stained and branded in Arizona. The wooden-handle Avoloop is the original loop!

The Avoloop, Mango Loop and Kiwi Loop with wooden handles are assembled in Prescott, Arizona, U.S.A.

The secret to how the Avoloop can help reduce waste in your kitchen ( getting more for your buck and mango for your tango!) lies in its simple and effective design:


  • Does not cut.
  • Has no sharp edges
  • Safe to use for people of all ages and abilities
  • Set includes: small, medium and large Avoloop

Instead, the Avoloop separates the ripe and edible parts of produce from its peel or skin.

The Avoloop separates the peel or rind of avocados, kiwis, papayas, baked potatoes, squash and melons, and is the ultimate tool for peeling a mango!

It is useful for vegetable preparation, cleaning seeds from bell peppers and pumpkins.

The flexible loop adapts to the shape of the fruit, allowing a more natural preparation process (produce has no sharp angles!). Through a simple scooping motion, or an easy twist, the Avoloop becomes your pal in quick and effective produce preparation!

The Simple & Versatile Peel & Preparation Tool for a Multitude of Fruits & Vegetables!