Aura Mobile BT Bluetooth Speakerphone by Spracht

Aura Mobile BT Bluetooth Speakerphone by Spracht
Item# HSG9328A

The ultimate choice for hands-free communication, The Aura Mobile BT is like having four products in one! It's so easy and convenient to use that you don't even have to put on a headset to make or take a call. Built for the "road warrior", Aura Mobile BT is perfect if you make a lot of calls while traveling on the road, in the hotel, in the restaurant, in the lobby, at the tradeshow etc.

The Aura Mobile BT is so versatile, it can even convert your Bluetooth mobile phone into a full-featured conference phone that can be used anywhere.  It can also convert your Bluetooth PC or Mac into a powerful VoIP (Voice over IP technology) conference phone. If your PC or Mac is not equipped with Bluetooth, the Aura Mobile BT can connect by simply using the included VoIP cable to your computer's headset/mic jack.

The Aura Mobile BT is fully compatible with Skype and virtually any other VoIP system.

High Quality Conferencing:
  • Clear & natural two way communications - full duplex speaker system that supports simultaneous two-way communication--no dropped words or clipped audio.
  • Echo cancellation & active noise reduction - allows you to make clear calls from even the noisiest of environments.


  • Integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless connection to your mobile phone - you can conference on the go with ease and confidence.
  • Clear, understandable color and icon codes status LED's - user-friendly interface features separate volume control, mode, and mute buttons.
  • Bluetooth and wired connection to PC or Mac for VoIP calls - compatible with VoIP, Skype, Yahoo Messenger with Voice and many other


  • Versatile disappearing clip attached to car visor or closes for desktop use - sleek and lightweight, the Aura Mobile BT gets the job done with authority and efficiency, yet is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.
  • Charge anywhere with home or automotive charger - easy to use right out of the box; no software installation is necessary, and all the accessories come with the unit.