Ampjacket Acoustic Amplifier Case

Item# ASOTV13113

Make Your iPhone 2x louder

Boosts the volume twice as loud without power or batteries while protecting your device.

  • No power needed
  • Thin and integrated case makes boost of volume accessible, portable and comfortable in your hand

The ampjackets patent pending audio channels are precisely tuned to guide and amplify the output from the speaker, enhancing volume and clarity... no power needed.

Ideal for use in the car (hands-free), listening to music, gaming, conference calls.

Easy installation

Boosts volume up to 2 times louder

Acoustically amplifies the speaker on iPhone 5 and iPod touch with no battery power or cords using patent audio channels.

Still protects device like any other case with the added benefit of sound amplification

Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand very comfortably