Aerify Plus

Item# ASOTV13313

  • Eliminates the need for mechanical aeration
  • Works deep into the root zone and beyond
  • Reduces soil compaction and loosens clay
  • Helps improve fertilizer availability in the root zone
  • Helps other organic fertilizers, teas and composts work much better
  • Provides numerous plant trace nutrients and bio-stimulants
  • Helps detoxify and buffer chemicals and salts
  • Helps generate the soil-improving microbes necessary for humus formation
  • Improves rooting by both loosening soil and stimulating root growth
  • Improves air and water penetration
  • Can be applied any time during the growing season


Organic gardeners and horticultural professionals know that one of the secrets to having great lawns and gardens is having great soil. And that means a porous, well aerated soil where roots can grow deeply and where biolife can thrive.

Aerify PLUS is the Ultimate Soil Conditioner. It loosens compacted and clay soils, and puts in organic ingredients that can help create humus, soil structure and soil bioactivity. Additionally, Aerify PLUS improves the health of all plants by providing Humic Acids and Kelp and an assortment of trace elements and micro-nutrients not found in common fertilizers. It can be used on lawns, trees, flowers and all garden areas.

Compacted soils cause unhealthy plants, lawns and trees. They stay soggy when wet, and turn rock hard when they dry out in the summer. When soils are "tight", necessary air, water and nutrients cannot move through the soil. Disease occurs. Roots are stunted. Beneficial micro-organisms can't survive. Plants are stressed and weakened. When you are doing everything else right, soil compaction will ruin all your efforts.

If you are applying with our Ready-To-Use 1 quart sprayer,
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